Thursday, February 11, 2010

A Beautiful Day

We had a lovely, fun day today! After the week I had last week (lets just not go there) I was due for a day of smooth sailing. Muffin and I had so much fun making an owl for Maddie-LuLu (picture to come), squirting play-dough through the toy animals, and making Jodi's amazing sprouted meatloaf. I confess that it was sproutless, as I forgot to soak yesterday, but it was still amazing! Not only that, but Muffin was virtually melt-down free until 6:00. Pretty wonderful.

Mr. Baby pulled himself up to standing for the first time today. This is an old picture, but I am currently charging my camera battery and thus have no new pictures to share. :(

Tomorrow Daddy Man and I leave for Ashland for our 5 year anniversary getaway! I have so badly needed a vacation- having Mr. Baby, moving, Daddy Man going to school, living with three guys (which by-the-way has been pretty fun), toddlerhood- well, if you add it all up you get one very tired Mommy and Daddy Man. And yes, I have yet to turn 25 and I am celebrating my 5 year wedding anniversary, with soon to be three kids! This is always how I wanted my life to be, but it is still crazy to think about. I think it's been at least a year since I was away from Muffin, and this will be my first time away from Mr. Baby. Some mothers would be sad and find it hard to leave. Yeah, I'm soooo ready! Thanks to Sarah I can leave both kids behind with no worries, and galavant about Ashland with my Love. So here's to happy days, and Husband time!


  1. Ashland is a beautiful place. If you ever get a chance, check out Jacksonville, Oregon too. Just a few miles West of Medford. It's truly a village like no other. If I ever could move someplace, it would be Jacksonville, Oregon. Best of both Worlds, a beauteous village, full of charming cottages and big shopping close by in Medford. Actor Bruce Campbell calls it home, just a Peterson ;) bit if trivia. Have fun~!

  2. I love that you call baby boy, "Mr. Baby"!! It makes me smile:) Hope to hear how bread making is coming along...