Sunday, February 21, 2010

Empty Tubs

If my needs were visible, they would be contained in tubs (phylate and BPA free tubs, of course). When the tub is full, the need is completely met. A couple of my tubs seem to have holes in them, because it seems I can't get enough! My tub that needs people and social interaction must have a big hole, because I start to go crazy after little more than a day by myself (with my kids, of course). This is one of the things that makes it possible for our family to live with three other guys- I just love having people come and go, and having somebody to talk to in the middle of the day. This week I planned several play dates and get-togethers that fell through, so to offset the empty tub I compensated with sewing. My sewing machine is always ready for a date. ;) Today I finished up cousin Noak's birthday present.

A crayon wallet with co-ordinating snack bags

PLEASE don't look too close at my sewing...I am far from perfection.

I just love these vintage print fabrics.

While I was at it I decided I wanted a crayon wallet too! Here's my grown-up version. I'll probably use it for a shopping list or to do list.

Matching snack bags too. How could I resist?

Daddy Man noticed that my *gifts tub was a bit low too, so he bought me an early birthday present- a new tool box for my sewing gear. I moved my beloved notions out of the plastic bin they were floating around in and into this gloriously organized tool box! (This was a fun project in it's own right!) The best part? When the lid is closed, the drawers won't open, so no little hands de-organizing or finding "toys for the baby" among the pins and buttons. I'm so impressed with the tool box makers...why can't sewing box makers get with it? I have seriously scoured all of Redding for a decent sewing box to no avail. Until now!
That furry thing on the top portion is a mohair bear I started YEARS ago. All I have to do to finish is stuff it and sew up the small openings, and sew on the ears. I really should do that soon. Actually, there's two bears there!

I love seeing my rainbow of choices

My two favorite items in this box: a vintage needle-holder card and vintage belt buckles, both from Grandma Cannon's stash.

*I strongly recommend the book "The Five Love Languages." It helps you determine how you and your loved ones give and receive love. The five 'languages" of love are acts of service, quality time, words of affirmation, gifts, and touch. We typically give love the way we like to receive it, so if you find yourself constantly doing nice things for people, like helping them move, making them dinner, washing their car, etc, then your love language is probably acts of service. The trick is to find out your loved ones' languages, and love them the way they receive love, not how you receive it. This is crucial in a marriage! I could give Daddy Man gifts every day and he would appreciate it, but he really feels loved when I make dinner or clean the house (acts of service). Ok, I'm starting to ramble here...just read the book. ;)

All that said, if anyone would like to hang out this week, call me!!! ;)


  1. Hi, I love all your sewing projects! So cute! You are making me want to sew
    again and come see you to to help out with that empty tub! Love your new tool box too. :o)

  2. What a neat bunch of ideas. I am so happy you got a good tool box. They are way more efficient. Do you have a cool button box in there too?

  3. Come bring your sewing projects and we can do it together mom!
    Cindy, I should get a button box! I have a bunch of vintage buttons from my Grandma that I don't have in there yet.

  4. Oh how I miss our project days! I love this post....& I love the new crayon wallet/grown up notebook! Check out my blog too:
    love, sister

  5. Great project Vanessa! Love the boys vintage fabric. I have heard great things about the Love Languages book... it's been on my list to read for about three years. I should just read it! :)

  6. Vanessa -
    where did you get the pattern for the crayon wallet? That would be perfect for church or outing where the kids needs something to do while we wait. Love love love the idea!