Thursday, June 24, 2010

Outdoor Oasis

When Nana and Pa came to visit, Pa bought the kids an "outdoor oasis." I wanted something like this, but figured our little $5 turtle sand box would suffice as a pool. It worked, but was not really big enough for me to sit in. That's right, I (all 9 months pregnant of me) get right in the toddler pool with my kids. :) So this is perfect! We ALL love it! ;)

Muffin enjoys lounging on the slide.....
You can't tell here, but the yellow sides are filled with water, and it squirts out through little holes all over the edges.

They love riding the dolphin
Or sitting under the rainbow. The part you slide onto squirts out water too, as Mr. Baby is discovering.
It also came with inflatable starfish rings that stack on a tower that squirts water....or on the palm tree.
We go 'swimming' in the few inches of water almost every day! Thanks Pa!
It also provides lots of indoor entertainment. It was REALLY funny watching her try to walk with these on! Oh, and what is she wearing? A play shirt, pajama shorts, 2 different baby legs, and two different socks. Hmm, must work on the outfit co-ordination.
Lastly, I thought I would treat you to Mr. Baby, in all of his full glory. ;) Quite the tank, isn't he?

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  1. is he walking? I miss him soooo much (and you all too)!!!