Monday, June 28, 2010


Last Friday Muffin, Mr. Baby and I went garage sale-ing. I know, quite the ambitious activity with two kids, but we had fun! One of my favorite finds was this poodle bookend set. It reminded me of a set we sold at Hibernation. Don't be put off by the gilded exterior. These poodles have potential!! The best part? This vintage treasure was only $1. Score.A few coats of spray paint later.....(don't tell Daddy Man, or Ellie, for that matter. I would be in big trouble for breathing these fumes! Sorry, I just couldn't resist!)
The perfect little girly pink poodle bookends. They are right at home in Muffin's room, and she is very attached to them.
It is very regal, no?


  1. Your blog is always so entertaining. I love looking at it.

  2. Oh my gosh! You definitely have the 'eye' for a find! They are ADORABLE!
    And only $1.00!! Love it! and the way you write!!

  3. Oh, I love you. Poodles!!!! They are the cutest ever!

  4. This is a perfect find!!! Yay. I always imagine what things would look like painted a cool color :) Yay for shiny pink poodles!!