Saturday, October 9, 2010

A Bubble Moment

Ever have a moment that reminds you why it is you do what you do? A moment that melts away stress, anxiety, frustration, and anger? A moment that reminds you just how great your life is? Today, for me, it was a bubble moment.

Something about these bubbles turned my previously whiney and cranky kids (and self) into the two cutest little people enjoying the simplest of pleasures.
Or maybe it was the fact that their baby sister FINALLY stopped screaming and went to sleep, so their parents were able to enjoy a quiet moment with them.
After coming down with a bad cold at the end of one of the hardest weeks so far, I needed a bubble moment.
Here's to more bubble moments and less crying, screaming, and whining! We all need a break from that!


  1. Bubble moments rock. I'm glad God was able to to use something so sweet and dare I say magical, to sooth your tired Mama's soul.

  2. oh what a sweet seeing Marcus and Paisley have fun...they are growing to fast! Wish I could just magically appear up there!!