Friday, March 19, 2010

In my continual quest for a new project to keep me sane, I decided to try my hand at making clothes for my kids. Why not do a project that is fun AND practical? Yeah, I can be practical! (I try, at least) I used this tutorial from one of my favorite blogs, but didn't do the knee-pad part. I used a men's dress shirt I found at Salvation Army, and look how cute it turned out!
I just happened to have the perfect shirt to match the pants, made by my Sister. These pictures are before I hemmed the pants, but you get the point. I left extra fabric in the hem and extra elastic in the waist so I can make the pants bigger when needed. I wish there was a way to let the buns area out.... :)

Next up: The 90 Minute Shirt and The Shirt Dress, both from the same blog. This is so much fun!
And what would a post be without a little Muffin face?

Enjoy your day today. If you have a hard time, try to think of three good things about the not-so-good situation. Have a happy heart!


  1. Love that you are buying thrifted items and repurposing them into clothes for the kidlets. Your babies are beautiful!

  2. Those PJ's look great. What a practical, wonderful idea. I love the idea of buying a shirt at the thrift store and using that material. That way there is no fire retardant in it!

  3. Very, very cute! I need to make Evy some new clothes as her's are all too short & I don't want to spend any money on buying clothes. Maybe I will try a tutorial. Melissa

  4. Good job on the pants. I need a matching pair :)