Friday, March 12, 2010

It's been a week? Is it the middle of March?

Wow, I can't believe it's been a whole week since I've posted! So much happened last week- in a nutshell:

~Mom, Sister, and Madelynn came to visit for a few days. I have missed them so much since moving to Redding. We had sooo much fun watching the girls play so well together, going to the park, and shopping. Thanks to Sarah for watching Mr. Baby so we could gallavant about the town.

~I got a cold. :( Of course, that means that Mr. Baby, Muffin, and now Daddy Man are sick too. Ugh. Lets just move on and not dwell on this one.

~I started using cloth diapers. This is one thing I said I WOULD NOT do, unless someone else did the washing for me. Well, Daddy Mock changed my world when he recommended the (for lack of anything better to call it) "poo sprayer." A revolutionary device that has single-handedly changed the world of cloth diapers forever. No more swishing the gross diaper around in the toilet (oh my word, could we subject ourselves to anything more vile?) or soaking in a pail of poopy water for a couple days. Simply hold said diaper over the toilet, grab the mini shower-like sprayer attached to the toilet, and spray until diaper is poo-free. Then, place diaper in zippered wet bag (these are the best in my opinion-I have three, pictures to follow) and forget about it! It is such a beautiful thing. I also use the biodegradable liners (kinda looks like a dryer sheet) to 'catch' the yuck so I can easily get rid of most of it before spraying. Anyway, I am a cloth diaper convert. Thanks to Jodi's recommendation, I use (and love) bumgenious organic all-in-one one size diapers. They are cute, super easy to use, and hold everything in, probably better than disposables. Look at these great colors!

I love how much money we are saving by using cloth diapers (we figured about $3500 between Mr. Baby and New Baby's future diaper usage) and I love contributing less plastic to the land fills. Daddy man is on board too, and thanks to these easy to use diapers, he's a cloth diapering pro!

~I made my first project for New Baby (creative nickname to come-probably when it's not after 10pm)- a small lap blanket with one of the cutest baby fabrics I've seen in a long time.
Yup, it's a girl!! We really wanted another girl, and were thrilled to find out! I am excited to make many more girly projects for Baby Girl, and had lots of fun with this mini-quilt.
~Little Muffin welcomed springtime with the cutest little sun hat and dress from Miss Bella's Boutique- a cute new store in Redding.
Yes, her shoes are on the wrong feet, but she put them on herself, so I can't complain!
~I have been in a crafting frenzy! I hope to share my recent projects with you soon...I am having so much fun, and even discovered a new kind of project (no sewing or scrapbooking involved) to 'poke' away at. ;)

~Muffin and I started our seeds for our garden. I am thrilled to finally have a proper garden, raised bed and all. Daddy Man and Papa built me a raised bed (can you imagine hunting for zucchini on the ground, nine months pregnant, in the blistering, 110 degree Redding summer? No thanks.) 13 feet by 3 feet, and I can't wait for our plants to start producing. I know it will be a few months, but I find vegetable gardening so rewarding. I love the daily "hunt" for the new veggies that erupted overnight. I get excited just thinking about it!

I don't think I did a great job at 'nutshelling' (yes, I made that word up) it for you, unless there's a giant nut I'm not familiar with...what's that dark brown one bigger than a walnut? Oh well. Looking forward to a new week, with another couple of batches of bread, a fully healthy family, and hopefully lots of projects!

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  1. Love your blogging and of course the new pictures of Muffin! Your new baby quilt turned out so cute! I sure enjoyed our visit with much fun, it was hard to leave! Kiss my grand girl and boy for me!!!<3<3<3