Monday, March 15, 2010


Oh my word. Can it be? Is this gorgeous bag actually mine?
This is my "you're such an amazing wife to birth three kids and you deserve a special treat and thanks for making me bread" present. (Daddy Man REALLY likes the bread I've been making twice a week) It is the perfect "going out" diaper bag. I've decided this is what I will take along when I go out shopping, or wherever, loaded with one diaper for each baby, a few wipes, a wet bag, a small toy, binkie, and cup/snack. All the extra things that you don't seem to need unless you forgot to load them in the diaper bag that day- change of clothes for 3 kids, extra diapers and wipes, blanket, food, teething gel, etc- will be in my large diaper bag that will stay in the back of my car. No more hauling around a giant bag filled with who knows what. Now I have a streamlined (and very chic, I might add) diaper bag theory. I'll let you know how that goes. ;)
This was a fun little nap-time project. Super easy- just cut the girls out on the dotted lines, pin and sew, stuff, and sew closed. Fun and easy, with cute results!
Muffin calls them 'Paisley' and 'Mommy.' I will admit, they do have our cheeks!
We all took advantage of Daylight Savings this evening and enjoyed some sun. Muffin loves to pull baby brother in the wagon.
She even shared her car with him! He rocks the pink, don't you think?
In the wagon together. They are so lovey and squishy!

Here is my soon-to-be garden utopia. I'm loving the raised bed. Now to Gabe and Sarah's to dig up some of their yard to fill our box!


  1. You might want to consider putting "mixing" some soil. Here is a link to Mel's Mix... he wrote square foot gardening.

    Have fun with your garden! The babies are beautiful.

  2. Oh my word, where do I start! Yay to husband man for the purse/diaper bag! Very chic bag, and very sweet Husband! The dolls are adorable...the blued eyed one reminds me of Muffin and the yellow haired one reminds me of Muffin's cousin! Mr Baby is soooo cute! I didn't see that smile while I was there....he looks so proud to be sitting in the little car! (He smiled while I was there, but it was a different one)! they are just too cute for words! Love your garden beds! Can't wait to see your garden growing, along with the children and baby on the way!! Love YOU!!!

  3. Sister-I love this. The whole post. I. LOVE. It. You aretoo cute....and you make the cutest, "squishy" babies!!!!