Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I love my kids!

I feel like I have a renewed sense of appreciation and love for my Babies. Maybe it is because their cheeks are so kissable.
Maybe it's seeing them enjoy their new turtle pool ($5 at a garage sale!) together on a windy spring day.
Maybe it is seeing them get so excited about each other....
or seeing how their faces light up when they look at me.
Or, it could be that I decided to sit and relax, simply watching them enjoy themselves, instead of trying to get something done while they were occupied.
Whatever it is, I am glad for it. I love feeling that heart-warming, overwhelming joy when I look at them or hold them. It's such a better feeling than stressing about what needs to be done, or why they are cranky or fussy. I think I am going to bottle this feeling in my heart, and pull it out when times are less fun. (see last post)
You can almost see his tooth in this one. :)
I just can't get enough of this sweet face!
Mr. Baby likes to investigate and figure out how things work, much like his Daddy.
Ok, have you had enough of their cheeks? Didn't think so. But I do have other things to talk about. ;) This week my Sister and Mom came to visit me and help me get prepared for new Baby Girl. Can you believe that I am almost 8 months along, and didn't even have anything set up for her? Sister and Mom to the rescue.

Part of the preparation was moving Mr. Baby into his own room, and setting up baby's crib in Muffin's room. The girls will have a castle/princess theme, and Mr. Baby will have a more modern, orange, green and brown room. I will post pictures of each of the rooms once I finish a few projects, like making curtains, painting some of the furniture, etc. Here is the first thing I made for Mr.'s room: his crib blanket.
I modeled it after an Uppercase Living tree that I ordered for his wall. It took quite some time to make, but thanks to sister's expert drawing, it came pretty close to the model. We had so much fun doing all our projects; from changing pads and pillows, to blankets and shirts, we did it all. (Yes, my living room looked like a craft store exploded in it for a few days, but it was worth it! Sorry housemates!)

The back of the blanket is flannel owls. It was my first attempt at a real applique, and I'm pretty happy with it! Can't wait to finish his room and show you how it all looks together!


  1. AWH, I can't get enough of those sweet faces either! Now you know how I felt as a young Mommy:O). I'm so glad you are just enjoying them today...It is a little piece of heaven on earth<3<3.

    Love how Baby's blanket turned out! I can't wait to see his room all put together!
    Love you and miss you!

  2. I wish we lived closer! I already miss those kissable cheeks! I had fun doing all of our projects! Your tree blanket is beautiful and you did it sooo fast! Can't wait to see pics of the room!

  3. oh, Vanessa, your babies are adorable. Love kissable, chubby baby cheeks!

    the blanket is so cute. nicely done.

    you have a fun blog. I've enjoyed looking around here. you've inspired me to do some of my own Operation Beautify! we all need a little of that, right?

    God bless you and your family today!

  4. Sweetie, your babies are beautiful. What sweet, kissable cheeks they have :)

    The blanket turned out really well. Good job sister!