Friday, May 28, 2010

Utility Sewing Day

Today I did a couple of projects that have been on the to do list for a while, but were not very exciting. But first, I will share with you a project I finished yesterday.

I have been wanting to make a Waldorf-style doll for a while. While I don't agree with most of the Waldorf philosophies, I do agree with their view toys. Toys should be hand-made, with natural materials, with simple features to allow the child's imagination to be the central ingredient in play, and have no bells and whistles or flashing lights. Waldorf dolls have a very distinct style and are made with natural materials: wool yarn hair, wool stuffing, etc. Daddy Man bought a kit as a surprise gift for me, and I had so much fun creating this doll from fabric and wool fluff.
I don't know what her name is yet. Muffin calls her "Monee" (Mon like Monica), which is what she calls me these days. :) We'll see if it sticks. I was tired of sewing (can you believe it?) so I put a dress and shirt on her that I made for one of Muffin's other dolls a while back. Her 'buns' stick out when she bends over, so I'll have to make a longer one later.
More recently, but less excitingly, I made these flannel baby wipes. I already have lots, but with another baby on the way, my usage of baby wipes will at least double, so I thought I'd make them now. I was so tempted to use one of the cute girly print flannels I have, but I decided to save those for a more exciting project. I LOVE not spending money on wipes (or diapers, for that matter) anymore! And I know exactly what' s in them: water!
Per Daddy Man's request, I made several man-sized snack bags. We never seem to have enough for his lunch, so now we do. I even lined two of them with plastic, so he can put his sandwich in them. He was very pleased. :)

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  1. Love the doll! What an amazing homemaker you are! You have to share what exactly you did with the plastic lined bags...I need some of those too! Thanks for sharing!