Thursday, May 27, 2010

Mr. Baby's Room

Well, Here it is: Mr. Baby's room. As part of Operation Beautify, I decided to move him into his own room, and let the girls have their room together. I think it will work best this way, but a major deciding factor was the decorating factor....much easier to have a girly room and a boyish room, then try to mix them together. As usual, my pictures aren't that great. I don't know how she or she or she does it. How do you take decent photos with kids running around, pulling on you, messing up your staged areas, poking each other, you get the picture. (ha ha) Anyhow, here it is.
I still need to hang the curtain rod higher, but I'm pretty happy with how the curtains turned out. I sewed circles on them to match the bedding.

I painted this bookcase....

...and these shelves.....(thanks Sister for the cute arrangement on them!)
...and this table. I love the Uppercase Living on it!
My Uppercase tree on the wall is a bit lonely....not sure what to do with that yet. Any ideas? That green pony- one of the kids' favorite toys. I highly recommend it. It is called the Rody Horse, and it is a blow up toy to bounce on. You can inflate it to different sizes depending on how big your kid is. Love the fun colors too. If you live in Redding, they can be found at Sugarplumb Cottage.

This fabric is what I based the whole room on...ironically it is the last thing to go on the wall. I'm looking for a large frame from a thrift store to paint orange or green. I found this amazing fabric at a garage sale...score!! I wish I could get more of it.

So there you have it. Mr. Baby's room. It is so nice for him to have a space with all baby-safe toys to play in. I don't have to worry about him choking on a pea-sized strawberry shortcake doll purse, and he seems to enjoy having his own space to play in. It is also perfect for bed times. Girls' room to come soon!

Update: After some searching around I found this lamp that was sold at Urban Outfitters a few years ago. Oh how I want that for his room! I can't find it anywhere, just found this picture on a post where someone was ranting about how Urban Outfitters ripped off the design from the vintage fabric, originally offered in an apron kit. Honestly, is it that big of a deal? Anyway, I think my fabric must be from one of the apron kits. If you ever see this lamp, or even just the shade, send it my way!!!


  1. Soooo cute Vanessa! I love the little table. I'm in the middle of re-doing the boys' room too.

  2. Vanessa, the room is amazing! I once had a vtg apron with that birdy pattern on it. It's been very popular the last few years. It was in the magazine Real Simple too and even sold on ebay for big bucks..then I saw a sink that was decided like that. Still have the pix somewhere, will look later. You did a good job sweetie!

  3. Wow, seriously Becky? I think I paid about 30 cents for it with some other fabrics. I should look around...maybe I could score another deal somewhere!

  4. well can't find my pix, above you know I met 'designed' like that? lol..anyhow, my apron was this nubby material. I honestly thot it was home made. It had a chartreuse band (smooth cotton) and ties, hand sewn, there were several that were on ebay and all had that hand work. The sink was on a HGTV show, I stopped the show and took a pix myself. I wonder if the material was reproduced? I'd be curious to know if your material is smooth or more textured?

  5. It is kind of a canvas-y fabric, and it almost looks like the circles are painted on.

  6. I Love it! It turned out sooo cute and colorful!!

  7. if you look at ebays completed auctions there are a couple of aprons. I think I typed in vtg apron birds