Thursday, April 1, 2010

Craft Happy

Today I feel like I'm in a crafting frenzy! Does that ever happen to you? Sometimes when I start cleaning some part of the house, I get on a roll, and I just can't stop. I find all the things that need cleaning or organizing, and move at warp speed from one task to the next. Well, that's what I felt like today, only with crafts. Between reading Dana's blog, and the purlbee blog, there are now so many projects on my to do list. I did three separate crafts just today. I'm not sure why I feel such urgency to get them done. The remedy for all this? Take a step back and take a deep breath, pick one project and go one step at a time...and love every minute of it! I am just so excited to have all these ideas!

Today's first project was finishing up a remake I started yesterday. I took an old shirt of mine:
and turned it into a column dress for muffin...
...and a shirt for Mr. Baby!
To make the dress I simply cut the front and the upper part of the shirt off, sewed the sides together to fit around Muffin, and added some flutter sleeves. Mind you, it is FAR from perfection: I still need to adjust the positioning of the sleeves so the top fits better. Mr. Baby's shirt needs to be adjusted too. I think I need to redo my pattern for the shirt, because the neckline is still too big. One of these days I will make a shirt for him that fits well.

Back view. Wow, knit is hard to sew! It likes to pull and go where you don't want it to go.
I also made a Lamb Pillow for Easter, and started making bunny finger puppets. :) Pictures of those to come!


  1. Yea, for craft happy! The outfits are adorable.

  2. So Cute Vanessa! Love the dress and Mr. Baby shirt! You are so crafty and talented AND you make very cute kids and babies!!