Wednesday, April 21, 2010


We finally had a nice, warm spring day a couple days ago. We decided to fully embrace it!
We celebrated Spring with a new water table for the kids to play with. They both love it! Muffin helped Daddy Man put it together.
And filled it up all by herself! The table is made to hold sand in half of it, but after a brief trial, we decided that 1 toddler + 1 baby + 40 lbs of sand + 5 gallons of water = HUGE mess. We are going to stick to just water for now. ;)
Immediately following our beautifully warm day we've had 2 days of rain. Such a tease. Although I am not in any rush for the Redding summer heat, I am ready for being outside in nice, mild Spring weather. Ugh. So what do you do after being teased with a day outside, then couped up inside? SEW! Part of Operation Beautify was moving our huge desk out to an unused corner of the living room to use as a sewing/homework table. I LOVE it! To celebrate my new sewing center, I made a sewing machine apron using a pattern I got on sale at Joann's for 99 cents!
I bought these fabrics a month or so ago, not knowing what I would make with them, but I just had to have them. So glad I found something cute to make. The pockets hold scissors, seam ripper, rotary cutter, tape measure, pin cushion, and anything else I need while I'm sewing(read: sugar!).
I was shocked to stumble into a huge sale at Joann's last week. Yay for $15 patterns on sale for 99 cents!

I leave you with this: Me, barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen, making bacon. (Husband thought this was worth sharing.) Organic, uncured bacon, I might add, which I recently found at a market in town. So exciting! I thought we were going to have to give up pork, (I only make pork tenderloin and sweet and sour pork) until I found this! It's from a local farmer too! Yay! They sell bacon, tenderloin, and loin chopped up, everything I need to make my favorite pork recipes! Score!


  1. Girl that sewing machine apron is adorable. Amy Butler fabric? I think your water table sans sand is a smart move. Happy to see such a cutie pix of you. If I had to guess..I'd say that girl is having her first baby. You always make pregnancy look so doable and breezy! Miss you guys!

  2. Thanks Becky! Miss you too! Yes, Amy Butler calls to me, and forces me to buy it. ;)

  3. What a great picture of the swimsuit and mud boots. The clash of the seasons!

  4. I love the fabric pockets you made for under your sewing machine. Very cute!

  5. Such cute pictures of you and Paisley...adorable! And I love the sewing machine table cover! So cute Ness!!! Sure do miss you!