Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Operation Beautify, Day One

It's official! Operation beautify (see last post) is under way. I think I finally found a groove, because today I had laundry done, bread made, trip to the play area done, dinner prepped, and two areas of my room beautified, all before the kids took their afternoon nap! Yeah, I'm shocked too. Not sure how that all happened, but I'm definitely going to try to repeat that in days to come!

First of all, I love the play area at our mall. The kids do too. Mr. Baby tried out the race car today.
And Muffin fought some fires with her baby doll.
Don't worry Mom, my hands were at the ready to catch him!
How cool is this? I want a tree slide.
Mr. Baby started crawling yesterday, but he's been climbing up the slide for weeks.
We had the play area all to ourselves this morning- perfect for Muffin. She likes things a bit on the calmer side. She usually finds one friend at the play area and talks with her and follows her around. Usually a girl around 3-4 years old. And she always remembers their names.
Now, down to business. Check out this post for my motivation for Operation Beautify. I decided to post before pictures too, however embarrassing they may be, because I think it will help me to keep things from getting that way again. So here you have it, the top of my cubbie storage, my first before:
And After:
Ok, so the "and they lived..." sign is going to have to wait for Daddy man to come home to be hung. I gave it my best shot, but decided to forgo frustration and leave the retarded double-screw-hole pictures to the professional. And the cubbies themselves will be tackled another day.

And here's the next one, the top shelf of my closet. Before:
And After:
Love those bins! (And I didn't even just pile everything in them!) One holds extra craft stuff like knitting, mohair, and stuffing. The next one has fancy shoes (it's true, I hardly ever wear heals, but I do have a few cute ones) each in their own box, and extra purses and wallets. The last one has winter clothes. Yay! This is so fun! I feel better already!


  1. Hi, you are adorable....love your beautification idea...can you come and do my house???? Love the Muffin and Mr. Baby pics! Miss you all sooooo mcuh!!!

  2. Thanks Mom. Your house is already beautified. :)Miss you too.

  3. Love it sis! You are such a wonderful organizer! And you have helped me several times with my house! I miss the kids and you!!!!