Wednesday, April 7, 2010

New Life

Yesterday Muffin and I planted zucchini and yellow onion in our garden. We were both excited to get our hands in the dirt and gently place delicate life into the ground. Is it ok to feel as excited as a two year old about something? I think so. It keeps me young. ;)
A side note: I know that tomato cages are not necessary for zucchini plants- these are strictly a defense system against our dog, who likes to lay in my planter box, until we get the netting up around the garden. I'm pretty sure that she won't get up in there once there are a bunch of plants, so hopefully the netting will be temporary.

And while we're on the subject of new life, though I'd share my belly that, as of yesterday, is no longer comfortable in my normal jeans. I was dreading the oh-so-unfashionable full-belly-paneled maternity jeans until the moment I slipped them on. Ahhh. It felt soooo good.
Three good things about full-belly-panel maternity jeans (which I avoided like the plague until halfway into my second pregnancy):
1. Oh so comfortable
2. The dark panel looks like a layered shirt, should your top shirt have a hard time reaching the bottom of your belly
3. No rim of a waistband around my hips for Mr. Baby to try to stand on while I'm holding him. Is it too much to ask him to just sit still and not try to climb me?

Happy Growing!